Katie Carroll
Personal Trainer, PitKrewFitness
Katie Carroll is a certified personal trainer and group exercise coach through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) located in Northern Virginia. She began her fitness journey more than 20 years ago after giving birth to her son. During her pregnancy, as many women do, she packed on the pounds. At the time, her husband was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. What began as a walk to the gym to get free childcare quickly turned into a passion for fitness and there was no turning back.
As much as Katie loved to push others, she wanted to push herself. She began bodybuilding and competing successfully in the National Physique Committee (NPC), a national level bodybuilding competition. Today, she is focused on finding balance with her family and friends, food, fun, and fitness! After being in the fitness industry for so many years, Katie tries to keep it simple and help her clients focus on calories in vs. calories out to achieve their fitness goals. She is currently offering one on one personal training, group training, nutrition guidance and workout plans.
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Dylan Smith
Powerlifting Coach, Big Three Strength
Dylan found a love for strength training at the age of 14 and spent his teenage years reading and applying every bit of information he possible could on the subject. Unfortunately, Dylan sustained a spinal injury due to improper coaching and had spinal surgery in 2007. Following surgery, Dylan began his quest toward full recovery including physical therapy and learning how to move properly.
After graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology, Dylan embarked on a career as a Personal Trainer and taught professionally for the National Personal Training Institute. Within his first year as a trainer, Dylan fell in love with the sport of Powerlifting and has worked his way to becoming one of the foremost authorities in the area on the sport. In addition to coaching lifters at the National level, Dylan is also a USAPL State Ref as well as a Nationally Ranked lifter. With nearly a decade of experience in face-to-face coaching, refining technique, educating, and developing lifters of all ability levels, Dylan is a good fit for anyone looking to take their skill and knowledge within strength training to the next level.The individuals who find success working with Dylan are genuinely interested in maximizing the effectiveness of their training. This includes addressing technical and physical weaknesses with the goal of becoming stronger than ever.
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Ester Garrido
Certified Coach, Iron Strength Kinetics

Ester is a Certified Coach and Kettlebell Instructor through NASM & Strong First.
Her fitness journey began when she started having health issues in her early 20’s.
She decided to start researching other avenues of health and doing everything she could to get better.
She later attended National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) where she got hands on training not just in the the classroom, but in the gym.
She fell in love with weight training.
Since then she’s gotten stronger and smarter about her own health and movement patterns. She even competed in a Powerlifting Meet.
She’s passionate about helping others discover their own strength and understanding of proper technique to get stronger and move better!

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Dustin Kimbrell
Personal Trainer
Dustin’s love for general, sports and athletic training started through his high school and college athletic career. As one of the most skilled track athletes in his district, he was awarded at the age of 18 the #2 ranked hurdler in the entire Pacific Region. Not only was his dominance shown on the track but also on the field. As one of the most versatile athletes on his football team, he played virtually every skilled position. He went on to play college football as a safety, until his PCL injury took him out for a year.
During his recovery he became inspired to help other athletes recover from injury or athletic trauma. As he returned to the field after only a year of recovery, his determination to help others showed through his studies of his major in Kinesiology as he was more focused. He soon acquired his sports medicine and a AFPA certifications, as well as,he is soon to have his CSCS certification. Within his first year of being a personal trainer he was promoted to Master trainer due to his affective planning with each of his clients. His personalize workouts push his clients to reach realistic goals and to be their healthiest self. His customized workouts are for people who genuinely have the dedication and commitment it takes to attain their goals. He doesn’t take shortcuts and he believes in each of his clients, the hard work they put in, in combination with his one on one training can get anyone to their individual body goals.
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Jacob Pitts
Personal Trainer, Fuerza Strength
After 8 years of experience working in the fitness industry, JP started his own personal training company, Fuerza Strength. He is A NASM CPT that specializes in lifestyle coaching, strength conditioning as well as bodybuilding and has been training out of The Shop Gym for over a year.
Sebastian Baytan
Personal Trainer, Seabass Strength Systems
Coming from an athletic background in high school, Sebastian has always had a strong connection to strength training. Towards his senior year, he realized he had more fun lifting weights in the offseason than playing sports. Upon discovering the sport of Powerlifting in college, a newfound love for strength training sparked within him and he dedicated his time to understand the sport holistically.
Sebastian competed in his first Powerlifting meet in 2016 and immediately knew it was a sport he wanted to partake in for the long run. In the spring of 2018, Sebastian signed up for a United States Powerlifting (USAPL) Club Coach certification class and started his coaching business, Seabass Strength Systems LLC. He now coach’s online and out of The Shop Gym. To further learn about the sport and assist in the growth of Powerlifting in Virginia, Sebastian became a USAPL State referee. Sebastian is currently a Kinesiology major at George Mason University looking to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to further his knowledge and provide quality training for clients of all ranges.If strength training is something that interests you, or even stepping on the platform to compete in Powerlifting, feel free to contact Sebastian to get the ball rolling towards your goals!
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Bobbi Rivera
USAW Coach, PR Barbell Performance
Starting off as a personal trainer, I used my International Sports Science Master Certification at Gold's Gym with great success. Learning proper technique from an international master weightlifter and an experienced coach, gave me the motivation I needed to pursue weightlifting as a career. Pursuing a USAW Level 1 - Sports Performance Certification taught us how to properly identify and address weaknesses to become stronger and faster. I enjoy the challenge Olympic weightlifting brings to the table, it allows a coach to understand where each client is personally. Competition isn’t for everyone and I understand that. Using the fundamentals of weightlifting will keep your fitness journey exciting and thriving!


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